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All You Need Is Love - Square

All You Need Is Love - Square

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noun: love; plural noun: loves

  1. 1.

an intense feeling of deep affection.


                  a great interest and pleasure in something.

So I embarked on this exhibition with a deadline of approximately 4 weeks to opening…. Life had been pretty hectic, just 10 weeks ago I was having a major operation on my spinal column, through the front of my neck with metal “cages” and bone graphs, and 4 weeks later we were getting married having set a date only 12 weeks prior. The surgeon said “You should be able to walk down the aisle” 

During this time I experienced many types of love from my fiancé, friends and family of caring, comforting and having to rely on them mentally and physically.  Also, the little gestures of love that make you feel happy, ice creams, manicured nails, fish and chip suppers and striding around in your favourite sneakers…

This collection is by no means complete as I ran out of time as always but I will continue to paint on this theme over the next few months. A few weeks back I wasn’t able to paint due to the dexterity with my hands after the op and nearly cancelled it, but encouraged by my new husband I set to work… I hope you enjoy.

The inspiration for the title came from our wedding…we had many people rallying round us, helping us to organize such a personal day. Friends helping with cake decorating, hen and stag do’s, photography, flower arranging, showing us how much they cared for us from the huge gestures to the small good deeds. Spiritual Love from our church friends and from God. The culmination of everything that had come before this wedding and the final exit from church with a flash mob singing “All You Need Is Love” truly sums up my last 6 months. This seemed a good place to explore what we think, feel and know about love.


A lovely alternative to Lizzies larger prints. These measure a very cute 360mm by 360mm framed, perfect for those smaller walls in any sized house!

Limited Edition Giclee Print, on 315gsm Soft Textured Natural White 100% archival paper, choose from print only rolled in a tube, print with window mount ready to be framed or framed and mounted with acrylic glass ready to hang!

Print Only : 225 x 225mm

Window Mounted: 300 x 300mm

Framed : 360 x 360mm

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

*Fits a standard 12 inch frame


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